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Welcome to Rocket Mass Stoves!

Sustainable living is on the rise, and rocket mass stoves are the Cadillac of wood burning stoves for sustainability and economy living.  This smokeless stove can be built to each persons liking!  The limit is your imagination!

Below are some links to projects and programs that we have done.  Will be updating these soon!


Rocket Mass Stove was at the Sustainable Preparedness Expo in the Convention Center!

Chattanooga Sustainable Preparedness Expo June 29, 2014

Don’t know what a rocket mass stove is?  Larry built a mock up stove and had it on display at the Sustainable preparedness Expo that was held in Tenneessee.

These heaters are for those who are serious about efficiency heating, in their homes, garages, and even in the greenhouses! For us, the best part is not only the efficiency, but that it is smokeless (great for those with sensitive allergies!), and that it burns clean while using up less wood!

Come and see us there!


Demonstrating the Rocket Mass Heater at the Chattanooga Convention Center
Demonstrating the Rocket Mass Heater at the Chattanooga Convention Center

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Welcome to Rocket Mass Stove

We hope to have lots of content soon to help you implement this amazingly efficient wood heating stove, commonly called a Rocket Mass Heater.

What are some benefits of Rocket stoves?

  • Heat your home or office with 75 – 90 percent less wood
  • Thermal heat lingers for several days
  • fire burns clean — little to no smoke
  • Vapor exhaust is steam and CO2
  • Super Energy efficient
  • No two rocket stoves alike!  Your imagination is the limit for how it can look!


More info coming soon!!

Keep checking back on the Internet!


Balm of Gilead Seminars!

These innovative seminars beautifully portray the healing power of Gods love with the symbols of the old Mosaic sanctuary. Displaying a real life size Ark of the Covenant, and the garments that the High Priest wore, this seminar weaves together in a unique way the healing love of God, and the healing principles of a Gods laws of health.

For more information on the seminars, click on the Balm of Gilead Seminars tab!
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Walipini’ sand Earthships!
Sustainable Living ideas!

What’s a Walipini greenhouse? Or an Earthship house? Come to our Sustainable living tab and read our blogs as we journey to become more sustainable in our world that’s turning upside down!


Build an easy PVC Greenhouse!

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