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Portable Rocket Cook Stoves Now Available!!


We are now offering small portable rocket stoves for cooking.  These stoves are great for cooking in an outdoor kitchen, taking on an outing, or for emergency cooking should their be a disaster and the utilities are not available.  We are offering the Deluxe metal lined, 2 door rocket stove!  We are offering these stoves at LOW prices on the internet!!  These wonderful rocket stoves are available on our products tab.

2 door Stove with Metal Liner

The StoveTec Deluxe Metal 2 Door Stove includes a refractory metal combustion chamber sleeve that protects and prolongs the combustion chamber life.  In addition to the metal refractory liner, the StoveTec deluxe models come with a thicker stove body, floor, and cast iron top.  The cast iron top is 3 times thicker than the economy model and has 6 pot supports.

About the StoveTec Deluxe Metal 2 Door Stove

  • No fossil fuels needed; efficiently burn twigs, sticks, pine cones or any      other biomass.
  • Includes refractory metal combustion sleeve that protects combustion chamber.
  • Includes an adjustable pot skirt used to increase efficiency.

Here are a couple of  links that shows how great these stoves are!


Keep checking back as we are developing our exciting business!   Pic’s and prices are  posted on our Products page!

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